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Student Health Services

Information for the campus community about the novel coronavirus is available at

Health and wellness is important for academic success at the University of La Verne. All full-time, traditional aged undergraduates (12 or more credit hours per semester) and graduate international students (3 or more credit hours) are automatically enrolled in our University Student Medical Insurance (USMI) plan. All others taking a minimum of 6 units on our main campus are eligible to opt in as well.


To make an appointment call (909) 448-4619. The Student Health Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm during the traditional academic school year. All appointments are free of charge for students with our insurance plan.

Student Health Center COVID Information

Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan

USMI is required for all full time, traditional aged undergraduates and graduate international students. If a student drops below full-time status, coverage is not provided automatically and, if eligible, must be purchased separately the student through the university.

All other eligible semester/term based students who wish to purchase the USMI must do so prior to the last day of the Add/Drop period for each semester or term. CAPA students who are not enrolled in the first session of each term must wait until the next term, if eligible to purchase the USMI. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the insurance by the Add/Drop period and no reminders are sent to do so.

Our SHS is staffed by medical providers who provide services for acute and chronic medical concerns. In addition we have an on site pharmacy that meets the needs of most our students. There is no out of pocket charges for services rendered through SHS or for prescription medications available through our pharmacy. For a full list of services please refer to our website.

Please contact the Student Health Center at (909) 448-4619 for further information or clarification.