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Portraiture is our trademark photography style. Through our portraits, we can focus on students, faculty, and staff, and the strengths they bring to La Verne through their personal stories and relationships. As much as possible, people should be photographed straight on, with a mix of shots looking toward and away from the camera, with natural expressions. When photographing this type of shot, be sure to capture both full-body images and headshots for maximum flexibility in our layouts.

Campus Life

Campus life imagery is our secondary style of photography. When photographing for this category, capture moments that focus on student engagement, connection, and mentoring.

Authentic campus life imagery should showcase our skilled teachers and the genuine enthusiasm our students have for learning, as well as highlighting the spaces that make La Verne unique. This photography should focus on classrooms, dorm rooms, community spaces, and outdoor scenes. The shots should appear as candid, authentic moments, with a lot of natural light. When needed, an external flash can be used to add to the natural light of the room. Use the external flash to create additional natural light (“faking sunlight”). Never use the external flash directly which will create flat lighting and tones. Try using a bounce or small umbrella, a white wall in the room will often work.