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Office of First Generation and Peer Mentoring

More than 40 percent of students at University of La Verne are the first in their families to attend a university. The Office of First Generation and Peer Mentoring helps support first-generation students as they transition into college with programs designed to build skills and develop a supportive network of students, faculty, and staff that are committed to seeing them succeed.

Mission, Vision and Core Learning Domains


To create opportunities for the academic, professional and personal growth for first generation college students.


To ensure we meet our students where they are; providing the care and support needed for students to develop a healthy sense of belonging that ultimately impacts their social, emotional, and academic development. 

Core Learning Domains

Social justice, education, validation, community,  and leadership.


Upcoming Programs

The Office of First Generation and Peer Mentoring Programs is designed to provide the kind of experiences, care, and support that students need to develop a healthy sense of belonging and agency on campus. Peer mentoring activities are exclusively for students accepted into the program, but the office hosts workshops and other activities throughout the year that are open to the entire campus community.

Summer Robotics Camp:

June 13th-17th, June 20th- June 24th, June 27th- July 1st

In collaboration with the University of La Verne Wilson Library, the HIP Grant is hosting a robotics camp open for free to the following high schools; Pomona High School, Montclair High School & Ontario High School. Participants will learn all about robotics by building and customizing their own robot! This camp will introduce students to computer science as they learn unique computer language that will allow them to move a robot with a battery, wheels, and specialized computer chip.  Click here to register!  

Students will learn:

  •  Arduino- Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects.
  •  Basic C++; 3D printing, basic circuit design, motion sensor, distance sensor
  •  College life- Participants will experience the dining hall & enjoy breakfast and lunch; tour the campus and engage with student mentors!