Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is available to first-generation students who participate in the Summer Bridge program. 


Program is housed under the Title III Grant and part of the Office of First Generation and Peer Mentoring Programs. The Director and STEM Program Coordinator are the main points of contact, and practices are implemented by trained student mentors. 

Peer Mentoring  

Throughout the academic year, mentors and mentees will meet several times each month to check in, attend luncheons and skill-shops together: 

  • Monthly Gatherings 
    • Connecting students to peers, alumni, and outside networks to open doors of opportunity and support 
  • Real talk Tuesdays 
    • Students and staff come together to discuss challenges related to the first generation experience
  • Our Stories
    • Celebrating, elevating and empowering our first generation community through stories of lived experiences shared by University of La Verne Faculty.

Campus Partners 

Developed relationships with stakeholders in key offices. These campus partners offer support in areas were we have seen first generation students need the most support. These include but not limited to the following, 

  • Academic needs (Academic Success Center)
  • Well-being (Randell Lewis Center) 
  • Advocacy (ASULV)
  • Personal/Familial Issues (CAPS & SOS)


Our office has identified high impact practices that support the success of our students. A few of the HIPs developed are: 

  • Summer Bridge
  • Access to Faculty/Staff
  • Monthly Programming
  • 1:1 Support
  • Academic Interventions
  • CARE Support
  • Textbooks
  • Technology