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Holistic & Inclusive Practices forStudent Success (HIPSS)

Holistic & Inclusive Practices for Student Success (HIPSS)

Who We Are

Holistic and Inclusive Practices for Student Success (HIPSS) is a program focused on providing students with intentional year-to-year roadmaps to guide and support their academic, professional, well-being, and personal development.  We understand that the transition from high school or community college to Laverne is a critical time and can feel daunting at times. HIPSS has developed roadmaps to help students navigate their time at ULV by understanding what will be required of them throughout each semester.  Additionally, students who participate in our programs attend monthly academic advising, one-to-one meetings with their peer mentor, one-to-one meetings with staff, and monthly luncheons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the academic, professional, well-being, and personal growth of students.

Students can become part of the HIPSS programs through:

  1. Peer mentoring program: open to first-year and second-year students who want a peer mentor. This program is also open to juniors and seniors who wish to participate as a mentor.
  2. Preparing for life after ULV: open to transfers, juniors, and seniors who do not want to be a mentor but would like to have a roadmap for their last two years at ULV helping them navigate their pre-professional experience and feel more prepared to find a job or apply to graduate school.

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