Since its initial year at the University of La Verne, ASULV has strived to serve students and currently address concerns of campus life that have been brought to our attention. Below is a summary of what ASULV has accomplished thus far:

  • Successfully created the “University Hour.”
  • Worked with the RHA Food Committee to improve service in Davenport.
  • Investigated the current parking issues experienced by the campus community.
  • Funded events held by over 70 clubs and organizations.
  • Supported over 170 CAB events throughout the year including homecoming, commuter days and Carniverne.

Despite recent successes, ASULV will not settle and continues to work toward enhancing student satisfaction. The ASULV Executive Board and Senators are currently addressing the issues and needs of the student body such as:

  • Evaluating and improving the customer service, hours and offerings of the La Verne administrative offices.
  • Finding ways to appease student’s concerns in regards to financial aid and other Woody Hall operations.
  • Advocating the needs of the individual colleges on campus.
  • Space issues and concerns.