Graduate and Adult Student Government

The Graduate and Adult Student Government (GASG) is the officially recognized overarching Graduate and “Adult” student government at the University of La Verne.

GASG is committed to developing leadership skills, raising awareness around individual social responsibilities, and encouraging graduate and adult students to participate in public affairs. GASG fosters connectivity through in-person and virtual social events. 

A GASG Constitution is available for review


  1. Providing, distributing, and otherwise facilitating resources and support services to individual graduate and adult students and graduate and adult student organizations that are in good standing and recognized as a student organization by the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement; and
  2. Providing social and service-based activities that are available to all graduate and adult students; and
  3. Advocating for Graduate and Adult student needs and facilitating the creation of programs and services to meet them by creating a space of inclusivity; and
  4. Fostering and encouraging positive relationships collectively within and outside the ULV Community

Executive Board and Senators – 2023-2024

Executive Board

President: Amy Gonzalez
 Vice President:  Mary Law
Treasurer:  Sandra Rocha
 Secretary: Aaleyah Gutierrez
Director of Media: VACANT


 College of Arts and Sciences: VACANT
College of Business: Parush Totlani
College of Health & Wellbeing:
Lenwayne Shade
La Fetra College of Education: Kimberly Holmes & Elizabeth Gutierrez
College of Law and Public Service:
Linda Cardona
Regional, On-Line, & CAPA: Jessica Kelly
Senators at large:
Edmundo “Mundology” Sanchez & Christopher Reyes

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Joining the Graduate & Adult Student Government presents an exciting opportunity for our Graduate and Adult college students. This dynamic platform empowers individuals to shape their collegiate experience, foster community spirit, and develop crucial leadership skills. 

For inquiries on getting involved contact 



  • 03/11/24 @8am – 3/27/24 @4pm: Election Campaigning
  • 03/25/24 @8am – 03/27/24 @5pm: Voting in Campus Labs. (MyLaVerne Sign-In Required.   Voting link will not be active unitl 3/25/24 8am).  See here for voting instructions.  
  • 03/29/24: New 24-25 GASG Student Government to be Announced

24-25 CANDIDATES (for more information please see candidate profiles)

  • Executive Board (voted by all Graduate and “Adult” Students)
    • President
      • Mary Law
      • Sandra Rocha
    • Vice President
      • Francesca Mbah
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Director of Media 
  • Senators (Only students from the respective college and/or program may vote for these positions)
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • College of Business
      • Parush Totlani
    • College of La Fetra College of Education
    • College of Health and Community Wellbeing
      • Alyssa Galaviz
    • College of Law and Public Service
      • Edmundo Sanchez
    • Regional, On-Line & CAPA programs
      • Oralia Perez
  • Senators at Large (voted by all Graduate and “Adult” Students)

NOTE – Positions not filled during the election cycled will be filled by appointment process, in accordance with the constitution, by the newly elected board (Execs and Senators)



Abraham Campus Center 133,  Office of Student Life