Student Activity Fee

The purpose of the student activity fee is to provide funds to improve the co-curricular environment for all undergraduate students. The money from the activity fee goes back to all undergraduate students in the form of events, programs and activities. All student-held events on campus are funded through the student activity fee. The fee allows ASULV to fund CAB and all recognized clubs on campus, put on LaVernapalooza, hold events with food and giveaways, improve the campus and more. A budget is created with the student activity fee every year and is voted through by the ASULV Senate.

Fee Breakdown

Student Activity Fee breakdown

ASULV Future Leaders Scholarship 2.39%
Signature Concert Event 14.95%
Student Workers / Stipends 2.20%
CAB Funding 38.80%
Campus Improvements 2.39%
Club Funding 16.74%
Greek Funding 5.80%
SOT Funding 0.96%
Marketing 0.60%
Public Relations 4.18%
ASULV Training 0.66%
Elections  0.84%
Conferences  0.48%
Supplies / Misc.  0.96%
Catering  3.59%
Incentives / End of the Year  1.02%
Special Events  2.99%
Senate Resources  0.48%