Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fraternity/Sorority?

Fraternities and Sororities are organizations comprised of college men and women who share in bonds of friendship. They are centered on the pursuit of higher education and community service, and enable members to build relationships that last a lifetime.

Fraternities and sororities use Greek letters to signify and identify their individual organizations, and for that reason, they have become known as the Greek system.

The men’s groups are governed by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and include the organizations: Phi Delta Theta (ΦΔΘ) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ) .

The women’s groups are governed by the Panhellenic Council and include: Alpha Omicron Pi (ΑΟΠ) ,Iota Delta (ΙΔ) , Phi Sigma Sigma (ΦΣΣ) , and Sigma Kappa (ΣΚ) .

There are nine fraternities and sororities that are governed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC). Currently, Sigma Gamma Rho (ΣΓΡ) is the only NPHC sorority on campus.

What is IFC and CPA Rush?

The term “Rush” came about because potential members would “rush” to meet a lot of Greek organizations in a short period of time. Rush is a time when fraternities and sororities recruit new members to be part of their organizations. The following policies govern the IFC and CPA in their recruitment programs:

Women: All currently enrolled women at ULV can participate in the CPA recruitment process regardless of the number of units they have completed at the University of La Verne.

Men: All currently enrolled men who wish to participate in IFC rush must have a minimum of 12 units completed to participate. These policies are set forth by the College Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council.

How can I participate in IFC and CPA Rush?

  1. Attend the opening event and welcome:
    • Women: Women who are considering membership in a CPA sorority on campus, are required to attend the opening event.
    • Men: Men, who have completed 12 units, who are considering membership in an IFC fraternity on campus, are required to attend the opening event.
  2. After the opening events, men and women are cleared to participate in the week’s rush activities. Individually fraternity/sorority events allow both students and the Greek organizations the opportunity to interact with each other. CPA and IFC will distribute a schedule of all the different Rush events at the mandatory meeting. Each chapter will feature entertainment and food to create a casual atmosphere in which to meet you.
  3. Once a student has participated in Rush events, s/he will receive a bid from one or two Greek organizations and decide which group/organization you would like to be part of based on the information and interactions you had during the rush process.

How can I participate in the NPHC intake process (Rush)?

  1. Attend an informational session by the organization or organizations you are interested in.
  2. Talk to members about the organizations process and intake program to find out details to their program.
  3. Contact the Office of Student Life to register to participate and be cleared to be part of one of these organizations.

5. What are CPA, IFC and NPHC Recruitment/Rush/Intake programs like?

The recruitment/rush/intake process at ULV is designed to give you a better understanding of each fraternity or sorority in such a way as to provide potential members the opportunity to experience and see all the aspects of Greek life. Student participants who have gone through the rush process before recommend the following “tips”:

  1. Be Yourself. There is nothing more important than being yourself during Rush. If you are yourself, then you will end up in the right organization and you will be happy with your decision.
  2. Evaluate each Fraternity/Sorority Carefully. Go to the Informational Meetings so that you can get the opportunity to meet members from every fraternity/sorority on campus. Even if you think that you know at the start of the rush process which group you want to be a part of, keep an open mind and visit other organizations as well.
  3. Take Your time. Joining a fraternity/sorority is an important decision. Be sure the chapter that has given you a bid is one you will be happy with. You do not have to accept a bid right away; even though it is called Rush, this is one decision that you do not want to rush into.
  4. Dry Rush. Alcohol is not allowed at any Rush activities. National, University, and IFC/CPA Policies stipulate that all activities with Rush must remain alcohol free. Violation of this rule is a serious infraction and the guilty chapter is subject to disciplinary measures. If you are offered alcohol at any rush events or activities contact the Greek Advisor.
  5. Ask Questions. Make sure that all of your questions are sufficiently answered. Some useful questions you might want to ask during Rush are:
    • What is your new member period like?
    • What is your organizations purpose like?
    • What are the time and financial commitments involved in joining?
    • What are your grade requirements?
    • What types of community service do you take part in?
    • What are some of your social activities?
    • What makes your chapter unique?
    • Why did you join?

Am I the Greek Type?

There is no “Greek type.” Most of the stereotypes about fraternity men and sorority women are myths. One of the strengths of ULV’s Greek system is the diversity of the individuals who are members. Each chapter, no matter how large or small in number, consists of members who come from varied backgrounds, ethnicities, and interests.

How do I Get a Bid? When do I Accept the Bid?

Bids are extended after the completion of Rush to those who have visited the chapters, met most of the members, and expressed an interest in the house. Do not feel obligated to accept a bid until you are sure that you have made the best decision.

How much time does a fraternity/sorority take?

Social and recreational functions, meetings and other activities usually require about four to eight hours per week. While fraternity/sorority membership does require a certain amount of time, most find little problem balancing their chapter activities with their scholastic schedules, work, and other obligations. Some fraternities/sororities may require more time than others, so be sure to ask questions regarding time commitment during Rush.

What effect will a fraternity/sorority have on my grades?

Scholarship is an important and required component of Greek life. Greek organizations are required by their national headquarters and by the University to maintain a grade point average (varies depending on the chapter). Most chapters offer study sessions, tutoring programs, and other programs to help meet the academic needs of their members.

Can I afford a Fraternity/Sorority?

Costs will vary from chapter to chapter. Financial responsibility is an important part of fraternity/sorority membership. Be sure to ask each chapter about financial obligations during Rush.

What is Hazing?

Hazing is defined as any action or situation with or without consent which recklessly, intentionally or unintentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or creates risk of injury, or causes discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule or which willfully destroys or removes public or private property for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a chapter or colony at the University of La Verne. All member groups will affirm their policies denouncing hazing and inform their position denouncing hazing through mailings and through their inter/national magazines.