National Pan-Hellenic Council Recruitment

Dear Potential NPHC New Members,

On behalf of our NPHC Community, I would like to welcome you to NPHC fraternity and sorority recruitment! Each fall and spring, fraternities and sororities on campus participate in recruitment periods where they meet and get to know new students, talk about the benefits of fraternity and sorority life, and give invitations to potential new members to join their respective groups through an intake process. Our campus has a rich history of Greek Life involvement and we have many strong national NPHC organizations currently on campus.

Although all Greek organizations are different, they are all centered on the core ideals of leadership, brotherhood & sisterhood, scholarship, social activities and community service. Recognized NPHC organizations at ULV include city-wide and regional chapters include neighboring colleges and universities adjacent to ULV. Generally the intake process for NPHC groups begins with an informational meeting. At the informational meeting, interested students are invited to learn more about a specific organization and the specifics of the application process for that organization. It is generally acceptable for a person to attend more than one organization’s informational meeting. Each organization is different in what they ask for and how they can be documented, but all require a minimum grade point average and an official transcript.

The approval processes for the applications vary form organization to organization, but all include alumni in the review and evaluation process. After the applications have been approved, the membership education program begins. The new member learns the history and inter-functioning’s of their organization. Each affiliate organization implements the guidelines and details of its own membership intake process, sot he length of the specific programs vary.

Please note that none of the NPHC organizations at ULV allow undergraduates to join until they are sophomore standing and have proven themselves academically. Some organizations require that one full year of academics be completed before they can discuss the membership intake process for the organization. The intake process begins in the spring semester for some organizations and occurs in fall for others. We believe that Greek life allows students the opportunity to grow and succeed not only as an individual, but also as a member of an important organization on campus, and we hope that you have an open mind when considering becoming part of our community.