Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Billion Dollar Challenge originate?

The Sustainable Endowments Institute, based in Cambridge, Mass., launched the challenge to colleges, universities, and other nonprofit institutions to invest a combined total of $1 billion in self‐managed funds to finance energy efficiency improvements.

Why is the University of La Verne joining in the Challenge?

Simply, it is the right thing to do; it springs from the university’s own institutional DNA.  A significant element of the University of La Verne’s mission statement is to affirm a values system that supports the health of the planet and all inhabitants.  The university is consistently seeking to promote sustainability and to emphasize its importance to its students, faculty and staff.

How much will the University of La Verne be investing in the Challenge?

Over the course of six years, it is planned that a Green Revolving Fund of $400,000 will be established to fund cost-saving efficiency projects.

 What is a Green Revolving Fund?

The savings realized from more cost-efficient methods and technology will be deposited back into the fund. In this manner, funds keep revolving through the account to finance more green projects. This dedicated fund provides a focused and secure commitment that ensures continuity in funding of cost-saving efficiency projects, rather than a random series of one-off initiatives.

 What is the goal for the University of La Verne?

The goal is to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint on our environment. This is something that is very important to our Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff, and our students.