La Verne’s 2020 Vision–A Strategic Plan

 The entire campus is engaged in its new strategic plan, the “2020 Strategic Vision.” Our goal is to build the institution’s identity around educational excellence, both on the curricular and co-curricular levels. The 2020 Strategic Vision is driven by four strategic initiatives and goals:


  • Achieving Educational Excellence (curricular and co-curricular)
  • Strengthening Human and Financial Resources
  • Heightening Reputation, Visibility and Prominence
  • Enhancing Facilities and Technology

The 2020 Strategic Vision is an essential step in the progress and success of La Verne as an institution. But the document’s true strength comes from the collaborative effort and focus that went into creating it.

From the start of the process in 2011, students, faculty, staff, alumni and university trustees came together to provide input, contributions which would help build the initial groundwork. After more than two years, the fully formed plan, approved by the Board of Trustees, was ready for launch. The time and commitment that went into the entire project make it one of the most comprehensive strategic plans ever undertaken at La Verne.

“I do not believe that ever in the history of the University was the Board of Trustees engaged in the process to the degree they were in this one. For nearly one and a half years, they were hearing what the stakeholders were saying and reacting to it all by providing their own inputs,” said Dr. Richard Simpson, professor of Strategic Management and chair of the 2020 Strategic Vision Steering Committee. “At the end of the day, we had as much consensus from top to bottom and bottom to top as is possible in such an effort. People understand who we are, where we are going, and why.”

The 2020 Strategic Vision — paraphrasing hockey great Wayne Gretzky  — will put us “where the puck is going to be.” We, as a campus, are designing our 2020 Strategic Vision to meet the future needs of our students, and our local and national community. The 2020 Strategic Vision is our blueprint for educating the future leaders needed nationally and globally.  Learn more about the plan here.

 “The pressing challenges that all in higher education face light the fire of change and opportunity.” Dr. Devorah Lieberman, President