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Louise Kelly

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Dr. Louise Kelly is a distinguished academic and leader in the field of management and leadership. Dr. Kelly’s expertise in strategy and leadership has earned her national recognition, and she is known for her passion in empowering both individuals and organizations to unlock their management, leadership, and innovation potential.

Dr. Kelly has authored seven influential books, including titles like “A Dictionary of Strategy” and “Entrepreneurial Women: New Leadership and Management Models” and “The Psychologist Manager”. Her dedication to research is evident in her extensive portfolio of over 100 articles and conference papers. A recent book, “Mindfulness for Authentic Leadership: Theory and Cases” explores the integration of mindfulness into leadership practices. She has just published her first practitioner book, “Be Authentic: Strategic Thinking and Authentic Leadership for the Modern Business Landscape.”

Dr. Kelly’s impact extends globally, she is Fulbright Specialist who actively engages in executive training programs in different countries across three continents. She is proud of her collaboration with the Institute for Management Studies, where she serves as a trainer specializing in strategic thinking. Fluent in French, Spanish, and English, she effectively connects with diverse audiences. Dr. Kelly’s research, particularly in the areas of strategy and mindfulness, has been featured on, contributing significantly to the broader discourse on these vital subjects. She has also been prominently featured in videos discussing entrepreneurship and effective team management.