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Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Department has been designated by the University of La Verne to ensure access for all students with disabilities to all academic programs and university resources. Types of disabilities include medical, physical, psychological, attention-deficit, and/or learning disabilities, and reasonable accommodations are provided to minimize the effects of a student’s disability and to maximize their potential for success.

The goal of Accessibility Services is to support and encourage all University of La Verne students who have disabilities to participate fully in campus life, its programs, and activities. We emphasize growth and individual achievement and address this goal through the provision of academic accommodations, support services, self-advocacy, skill training, and disability-related educational programming for the university community.

Getting Support

In order to obtain services from Accessibility Services, a student must submit appropriate documentation of their disability from a qualified professional (i.e. a psychiatrist, psychologist, and/or physician). The Director of Accessibility Services will provide information on the types of documentation required and referrals to qualified professionals upon request.


Some of the accommodations available to La Verne students include:

  • priority registration
  • assistance in scheduling classes in accessible locations
  • extended testing times
  • testing in a distraction reduced testing environment
  • reader and/or transcribers
  • Sign Language interpreters and/or captionists
  • assistance in obtaining text books in an alternate format
  • adaptive technology (i.e. for visually impaired, or those students with learning disabilities etc.)