Policy for Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The University of La Verne is committed to full compliance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). As outlined in the 2010 University Strategic Plan, the Accessibility Services Department has adopted a policy that assures every student with a disability access to appropriate academic adjustments and auxiliary aids. This ensures full participation in the university’s educational programs and student activities. All university faculty, administration, and staff are to be provided with current information on laws and policies which may affect their service or instruction to students with disabilities. With appropriate education, it will become the specific responsibility of all university employees to comply with this policy.

The general definition of a student with a disability is any person who has a “physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more of such person’s major life activities,” and any person who has “a history of, or is regarded as having, such an impairment” (Rehabilitation Act, Section 504). Accommodations which might be provided are: reasonable academic adjustments and physical accommodations; special testing procedures; advance notice regarding book lists for the visually impaired and some learning disabled students; use of academic aides in the classroom such as note takers, sign language interpreters, and recording devices; early advisement and assistance with registration; accessibility for students who use wheelchairs and those with mobility impairments; and special classroom furniture or special equipment in the classroom.


In the event that a student has a specific complaint regarding the University’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the student are encouraged to work with the person most directly involved to resolve the matter informally. Contact with the Director of Accessibility Services should also be made for all complaints.

If the matter cannot be resolved informally, the following procedures shall be adhered to, in order to initiate a formal grievance:

A summary of the actions the student have taken to resolve this matter informally. Submit a written grievance to the Chief Student Affairs Officer within 45 days of the event. The grievance must include:

  1. A clear statement with a description of the University policy, ADA, and action which the student feels has been violated.
  2. The date of any action which a description.
  3. The names of all University employees involved.
  4. Summary of the actions taken to resolve this matter informally
    1. The Chief Student Affairs Officer (or his/her designee) shall meet with the student within 2 weeks of the receipt of the grievance. If this meeting does not resolve the grievance, the Chief Student Affairs Officer will conduct an administrative review.
    2. The Chief Student Affairs Officer will furnish the student with a grievance finding within thirty (30) working days of the meeting with the student. The writing response of the Chief Student Affairs Officer will be considered final. The Office of General Counsel will be consulted as needed.

The Dean of Students can be reached via email.