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Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Students

Admission & Financial Aid

How do I know if I am considered a transfer student?

If you have completed 28 or more college semester units, you are considered a transfer student. Students with fewer than 28 semester hours of academic credit are considered to be advanced freshman and must apply as a freshman applicant; please see our freshman application check-list.

What do I need to do to apply to the University of La Verne?

Please see our application check-list.

I am currently enrolled in college-level English, can I still apply for the upcoming term?

Yes. As long as the transcripts you submit show that you are currently enrolled in the class, you may still apply.

How do I determine my transfer admission GPA?

Your admission GPA is most aligned with a CSU GPA that may be listed on your transcript from a California Community College. Your admission GPA is calculated by combining all college coursework grades from every institution you have attended, with the exception of remedial coursework, vocational coursework and no more than eight semester units of kinesiology activity classes (ie weight training, conditioning).

What financial aid is available for transfer students?

Merit-based grants are provided by the University and are available in amounts up to $14,000 per year based off of the student’s admission GPA; need-based grants are also granted and are based of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All applicants seeking need-based aid must file a FAFSA.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Cal Grant?

According to the California Commission for Student Aid, “Students who receive a Cal Grant A award, and choose to attend a California Community College, will have their awards reserved for up to three years until they transfer to a four year tuition/fee charging college. To reserve their awards for the third year, students must make their requests in writing.”

Can I obtain a fee waiver for the application fee?

If you are eligible, NACAC fee waivers are available for the application fee – additional paperwork may be required.

Transferable Coursework

How will I know what classes will transfer?

Official evaluations of college transcripts for traditional undergraduate students are conducted after you are admitted. You will receive a report that will indicate what general education courses have transferred. Any major-related coursework is determined to be transferable by faculty at the time of advising and class registration during the first semester. Please review Transferable Coursework page for more details.

Will a “D” grade transfer to La Verne?

Only coursework completed with a grade of “C-” or better will be considered for transfer to the University. The only exception to this policy is for courses completed as part of an Associate’s degree from a California Community College.  If the Associate’s degree is completed prior to matriculating at La Verne, all coursework completed within this degree will transfer, including coursework completed with “D” and “F” grades. However, all college-level coursework, regardless of grade, will be used when calculating the admission GPA.

What is the max number of units I can transfer into the University of La Verne?

A max of 88 college semester units will transfer (including AP and IB credits).

How many units must I complete at the University of La Verne?

Students must complete  a minimum 44 semester units at La Verne, including 16 units in upper division courses in the major and five units in General Education.