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 Juli Minoves-Triquell

Dr. Julio Minoves-Triquell is Associate Professor of Political Science and Associate Director of the International Studies Institute. He is Chair of LatinX and Latin American Studies, Model UN Advisor, Chair of the UGAP Committee and member of the Diversity Committee. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics (Licence) from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and two master degrees (MA and MPhil), and a Ph. D. with Distinction from Yale University where he wrote his dissertation under the direction of Juan Linz and David R. Cameron. He has taught as Visiting Professor at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris). He specializes in Comparative Politics and does research on Monarchies. He is the co-author with Juan Linz and Al Stepan of the 2014 DOJ article “Democratic Parliamentary Monarchies”, where the authors developed, based on some of his Yale dissertation findings, a typology of Monarchies in modern territorial states. He currently participates in a research project on Political Parties in Small States, and also writes on NGOs and on Globalization. He teaches courses on Comparative Politics, European Politics, Latin American Politics, Monarchy, Small States, the United Nations and International Organizations. Aside from his academic career, Dr. Minoves has served Andorra, his native country, as Ambassador and Cabinet Minister. He was the first Ambassador PR to the United Nations, and has served as Ambassador to the United States, to Canada, to Spain, to the United Kingdom, to Finland, and as Observer to the World Trade Organization. As part of his UN work, he was Vice-President of the General Assembly and head of his country’s delegation to the Rome Conference for the establishment of the ICC. He was also Foreign Minister, and Minister of Economic Development, Higher Education, Culture, Tourism and Government Spokesperson until 2009.  He serves, since his election in 2014, as the 13th President of Liberal International, the World Federation of Liberal Political Parties”.

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