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Academic Advisors

Director of Academic Advising

Phone: (909) 448-4576

Ahmad Abu Shanab
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
(909) 448-1487
Ray Ahmadnia
Associate Professor, Computer Science
(909) 448-4621
Thomas Allison
Assistant Professor, Legal Studies
(909) 448-4358
Paul Alvarez
Professor, Kinesiology & Clinical Coordinator, Athletic Training Program
(909) 448-4092
Gitty Amini
Associate Professor, Political Science
(909) 448-4735
Leticia Arellano
Professor, Psychology
(909) 448-4019
Nick Athey
Instructor I
(909) 448-4636
Staci Baird
Assistant Professor, Public Relations
(909) 448-4771
Aaron Baker
Associate Professor, Psychology
(909) 448-4431
Jane Beal
Professor, English Literature
(909) 448-1578
Felicia Beardsley
Professor, Anthropology & Director, Cultural and Natural History Collections
(909) 448-4717
Carolyn Bekhor
Professor, Legal Studies
(909) 448-4410