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Public Administration, BS

Online Bachelor of SciencePublic Administration

Shaping public policy requires a multifaceted skill set covering knowledge of government structure, legal, financial, and management topics. The University of La Verne’s online Bachelor of Science in Public Administration provides the expertise needed to deploy these skills in the workforce.

This completely online bachelor’s degree program emphasizes the theories and practical applications essential for effective public sector management. In the process, coursework stresses the importance of leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills and involves a mix of projects, class participation, and research.

La Verne Online’s bachelor’s degree in public administration prepares its students for future management-level careers in nonprofit and government environments by:

  • taking a comprehensive yet targeted approach to key political and business topics
  • preparing students to create, implement, and monitor policy-shaping strategies in private and public environments
  • providing a solid understanding of government regulations, systems, and laws
  • examining all sides of policy development, including ethics, analysis, and budgeting
  • allowing for flexibility within the coursework and for post-graduation pursuits

Flexible Online Format

La Verne Online specifically designed its BS in Public Administration program to fit your schedule, helping you gain the necessary skills to advance in your career goals:

Additionally, if you want to connect with classmates face-to-face, you have the option to take courses in person at campuses where the program is offered, including Bakersfield. Burbank, Irvine, La Verne, Ontario, Oxnard, and Vandenberg Air Force Base.


Designed for adults currently working in or aspiring to a career in the public sector, this program can be completed in as few as 18 months, depending upon the number of credits transferred. In the process, all students must meet La Verne’s 44-unit residency requirement.

Coursework begins with general education requirements. For the BS in Public Administration program, that entails completing RCS 110 College Writing A with a “C-” or higher during the first semester or transferring equivalent credit.

Upon fulfilling these classes, students pursuing the online BS in Public Administration begin working toward their major. The structure starts with core requirements (28 semester hours), which go over statistics, urban environments, policy-making basics, how to manage change and conflict, and administrative processes. From here, electives (12 semester hours) touch on local government management, federalism, labor and management negotiations, business ethics, organizational behavior, advanced communication strategies, and/or information systems.

For the program’s full curriculum, review the list of all core and elective courses.

Careers in Public Administration

Change starts with the policymakers and those influencing their decisions. La Verne Online’s BS in Public Administration prepares you for multiple roles within this process.

  • Policy analysts and political scientists work to raise awareness of social issues and propose solutions to shape local, state, and federal government actions. Demand for this role is predicted to increase by 5 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Urban and regional planners examine and find solutions to accommodate population growth, particularly where it comes to constructing facilities and creating community services. Based on figures from the BLS, the number of open positions will grow 11 percent between 2018 and 2028, with shifting demographics fueling demand.
  • Social and community service managers are essential for supervising, coordinating, and organizing social programs and community organizations. The BLS predicts that 13 percent more roles will be available by 2028.

Additionally, the foundation established by the online bachelor’s program sets the stage for pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration and Doctor in Public Administration with the University of La Verne.

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