Frequently Asked Questions

Is an AA or AS degree required, or are there any prerequisites required to begin the bachelor’s degree program?
An associate’s degree is not required to begin the program. However, applicants with less than 28 units of college work must submit a high school transcript or G.E.D. There is one program stipulation; students who have not already completed the equivalent to College Writing A (Freshman English composition) must complete this course within the first two terms of enrollment at La Verne.

Can general education courses be offered onsite?
Yes. If a sufficient number of cohort students require or request a particular general education class (i.e., College Writing A), and it is approved by the company, La Verne will deliver the course(s).

Is the GMAT or GRE required to be accepted into La Verne’s graduate degree programs?*
The GMAT or GRE is not a mandatory admission requirement, but can be contingent upon the student’s undergraduate GPA. One of the graduation admission requirements is an undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or above for the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate study, and a GPA of 3.0 for any graduate work. Students with GPAs below 2.5 may be required to submit GMAT or GRE test scores and should contact an Academic Advisor before enrolling at La Verne.

* The Doctorate in Organizational Leadership has its own admissions/attendance requirements. Please check for specific details.

How long does the program last?
A bachelor’s degree program for major-specific courses only, generally requires 11-15 courses (depending on the major), while a master’s degree program requires 11-16 courses (again, dependent on the program). Given that La Verne teaches four (accelerated) terms per academic year, it generally takes between 2 3⁄4 and four (4) years to complete the requirements for the major, taking one class per term. If a student takes two classes per term, then the time to completion is cut in half. Note: the Doctorate in Organizational Leadership (Ed.D.) consists of 18 courses (54 units), following a traditional semester schedule (17 weeks). Course completion takes three years, not including dissertation.

Can I enter the program after the first start term begins?
Yes. The university usually leaves an onsite student cohort open for enrollment for up to two terms after starting. Students will be advised of their options to complete any missed courses.

Can I attend outside of the cohort at another La Verne location, or online?
Students are free to attend class in multiple locations and formats; an agreed-upon discounted corporate tuition rate applies to your employees no matter where they attend class.

When do classes start? Only in the fall?
A student can begin his/her accelerated program in any one of our four terms, notwithstanding the Ed.D., which begins only in the fall.

How many terms do you offer per year?
La Verne’s academic year consists of four terms (fall, winter, spring, and summer). The terms are 10 weeks long (accelerated semesters), with students attending class one night per week, per class.

What if I miss one course or term? Do I need to re-apply to the University?
If a bachelor’s or master’s student misses one course or term, he/she can generally stay on track with the cohort, provided the next class carries no prerequisite(s). In general, students missing courses do not need to re-apply to the university provided the missing terms do not exceed one academic year.

Are textbooks included in tuition fees?
Textbooks are purchased separately and are not included in tuition fees. The University of La Verne has a campus store where textbooks may be purchased, either in person, online, or via a toll-free phone number. Alternatively, they may buy through any retailer selling the relevant course material.

Is financial aid available?
Students are eligible to receive financial aid through a variety of resources; there are a number of programs available through the University. A student may access information through the Office of Financial Aid at (800) 649-0160.

Are payment plans available?
Yes! Students can make payments. La Verne students can participate in a deferred payment plan whether or not they receive tuition reimbursement. Participating students must submit an employment verification letter, signed by their supervisor. Students pay tuition and fees one term at a time, whether they are taking one or two courses.