Graduate Degree Programs

It is the mission of the University of La Verne to provide our graduate students with a broad-based management education emphasizing the application of theory to everyday management application.

Below are a list of commonly offered degrees at our corporate partner sites.  If a program of interest is not listed here, take a look at the full list of degrees and programs offered by the University.

Master’s Degree Programs (three unit courses)

Master of Business Administration (MBA): 36 units (12 courses)

The Master of Business Administration is a broad-based management program designed to integrate the functional areas of business. The La Verne MBA curriculum has been designed to offer the type of graduate business education employers want.

Master of Science, Leadership and Management (MSLM): 33-36 units (11 to 12 courses)

The Master of Science in Leadership and Management is designed to educate and develop future leaders for all types of organizations, with a curriculum integrating management and leadership theories with real-world applications.

Master of Health Administration (MHA): 36 units (12 courses)

The Master of Health Administration is sought after by health service professionals seeking to enhance their development of strategic planning, effective change management, ethical and legal responsibilities, thereby securing their future in healthcare industry management and administration.

Doctoral Program (three unit courses)

Doctorate in Organizational Leadership (Ed.D.): 54 units (18 courses / 3 years)

This program is designed for the working professional who wishes to pursue advanced academic study while continuing his or her career. Its mission is to develop scholarly practitioners as leaders and architects of change who make significant contributions to the organizations and communities they serve.