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Division ofStudent Affairs

Dear Students,

Welcome to the University of La Verne. We are happy to have you join the Leo Family. As you begin your academic career, whether you are right out of high school, starting graduate school, or coming back in later years to finish your degree, you are embarking on a path full of promise and hope. The Student Affairs team is committed to working with you and challenging you on this wonderful journey to take full advantage of the opportunities you will find on campus.

We are a diverse and supportive community of faculty, staff, and students. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students. Walk the campus, ask questions, and learn all you can about your university. We encourage you to join one or more of our 90 student organizations; all of them offer opportunities for leadership development, academic support, networking, personal growth, and community service. Attend the athletic, chorale, theater, lectures, and presentations on campus, and more!

The Student Affairs team is committed to:

  • fostering a supportive climate – caring and nurturing
  • integrating academics and student life
  • advocating for student success
  • promoting inclusiveness
  • encouraging holistic development
  • enforcing standards of conduct
  • establishing a community of learners

These are the best times for you. Study well, make new friends, get involved, and have fun!

We are here to help in any way we can. We know that when you become involved and engaged in the campus experience, you will become more than you ever imagined.

The Student Affairs Team

Our Mission

The Student Affairs team supports and enhances teaching, learning, and inquiry.

  • Promote the academic, personal, and professional growth and development of students
  • Cultivate a caring, reflective, and just community in which students take responsibility for their own actions, practice responsible citizenship, respect diversity, and respect the rights of others
  • Encourage student involvement in university governance, campus life, and service to others
  • Provide facilities, services and activities that promote a safe and healthy living, learning, and working environment to support the education and degree persistence of students
  • Formulate, articulate, and administer policies and support both the university and its students
  • Foster in students and alumni a lifetime commitment to and engagement in the University of La Verne community