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General Education Requirements

Beginning Fall 2015, the University of La Verne began to offer La Verne General Education (LVGE). This plan replaced La Verne’s General Education Track I program and allows for greater flexibility in course selection because it broadens the type of courses used to fulfill various LVGE requirements.

For students who transfer from a community college that is part of California’s Community College System, the university honors CSU-GE and IGETC certifications when evaluating transfer credit from one of these institutions.

Current students are required to complete either Track I or La Verne GE (LVGE) general education requirements. Students who matriculated to La Verne prior to Fall 2015 must complete Track I general education requirements. Students who matriculated Fall 2015 or later are required to complete LVGE general education requirements. If you are not sure which general education requirements to follow, please contact your academic advisor.

Prospective students are required to complete LVGE general education requirements and should prepare for transfer by following either the CSU-GE or IGETC general education curriculum or the university’s LVGE requirements.