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The Center forMulticultural Services

The Center for Multicultural Services (CMS) at the University of La Verne creates and supports programs, services, and resources, dedicated to fostering an environment of exploration, consciousness-raising, and empowerment, as well as collaboration and celebration of the diverse cultural community present. CMS works to create an inclusive and justice-oriented learning community by emphasizing and exploring socio-cultural identity and systems of oppression spanning the individual, community, and institutional levels.

Our Vision

To create, sustain, and nurture a dynamic, inclusive, and just 21st-century learning community.

This mission will be carried out by:

  • providing a Center, a “living room” for students to convene, learn, reflect, collaborate, and thrive in;
  • supporting students and the university community by encouraging self-discovery and exploration of the relevance of diversity in all its forms to one’s life and the life of the community;
  • providing experiences and knowledge to journey toward becoming culturally proficient;
  • coaching students and others working with issues of diversity;
  • advocating for equity of inclusion and participation at all levels of the University structure as well as off-campus (for historically marginalized and undocumented students);
  • checking assumptions that must be challenged to raise consciousness, and acknowledging that learning is a life-long process; and
  • cultivating relationships and collaborative partnerships with surrounding communities.

Programs and Services

The Center for Multicultural Services offers several program resources, including:

  • acting as ombudsperson for diversity issues impacting students;
  • directing, advising, mentoring, and supporting cultural clubs on campus;
  • directing residential or online human relations/diversity retreats for the University of La Verne community;
  • training Peer Facilitators to lead dialogue groups on substantive human relations issues at diversity retreats and on campus;
  • directing the Brothers’ Forum Mentoring and Scholarship Program;
  • providing multicultural student leadership training;
  • sponsoring students to attend leadership forums and conferences;
  • providing diversity training/workshops/forums for the campus community;
  • providing support and resources to undocumented, DACA/Dreamer, and mixed-status students;
  • representing and advocating for diversity on various university committees;
  • overseeing Black Student Services/Black Scholars Success Program:
    • Black Community Meet and Greet/Events
    • Peer Coaches (in process)
    • Research Scholars
    • Black Alumni Community Mentorship Dinners for Black Residential Scholars (in process)
    • Black Student Retreat
    • Black Women’s Retention Program (in development); and
  • overseeing the Access Program for foster youth and working in tandem with the Give Something Back scholarship program to provide a full range of support services to program participants
  • overseeing the multicultural graduation celebrations, and offering the following cultural sashes: Black-Kente, Latinx Recuerdo and Serape, the Multicultural/Unity in Diversity sash, Middle Eastern/Arabic, Native American/Indigenous, Pacific Islander/Asian American, and Rainbow/Lavender sash