Black Scholars Success Program

The Black Scholars Success Program (BSSP) at the University of La Verne was established to provide programmatic initiatives to enhance the holistic educational journey of Black students, with the goal of increasing GPAs, retention and five-year graduation rates by 5% within the next five academic years. The BSSP will focus on three programmatic areas:

  • Student Engagement seeks to engage students through programs and activities that help students develop a sense of belonging and community on campus.
  • Academic Excellence seeks to provide workshops and research opportunities to enhance the academic achievement for students.
  • Alumni Engagement seeks to provide opportunities for current students to engage with University of La Verne alumni through mentorship, internships, and network building.

Programmatic initiatives

  • Black community meet and greets and events (Student Engagement/Alumni Engagement)
  • Peer Coaches (Academic Excellence/Student Engagement)
  • Research Scholars (Academic Excellence/Student Engagement)
  • Black Alumni Community Mentorship Dinners (Student Engagement/Alumni Engagement)
  • Black Residential Scholars (Student Engagement/Academic Excellence/Alumni Engagement) Black Student Retreat (Student Engagement/Alumni Engagement)
  • Conference Attendance (Student Engagement/Academic Excellence)
  • Summer Bridge Program (Student Engagement/Academic Excellence)
  • Black Women Retention Group (Student Engagement/Academic Excellence)

Black Community Meet and Greets and Events

Scholars will develop a sense of belonging within the University of La Verne community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, family, and community members. Black community events will consist of the Welcome Black BBQ in the fall semester, and another event in the spring semester. This is an ongoing program.

Peer Coaches

Peer coaches will provide academic and social support to Black scholars by helping them learn to navigate the University of La Verne system as a whole. Beginning in Fall 2020. See Peer Coaches application for additional information.

Research Scholars

Scholars will have opportunities to participate in research projects with University of La Verne faculty. This will enhance their research skills and prepare them for graduate school. Beginning in Fall 2020.

Black Alumni Community Mentorship Dinners

The University of La Verne Black Alumni Affinity Group will host monthly dinners where scholars are able to network and build connections with University of La Verne alumni.

Black Residential Scholars Living Learning Community (BRS)

A “pod” in Vista will be designated to house Black scholars that have self-selected to be a part of this community. Students in the BRS must maintain minimum of 2.5 g.p.a. (semester and cumulative), participate in the Peer Coaches program, be involved on campus through workshops and events, and participate in the University of La Verne Black Affinity Group monthly dinners.

Black Student Retreat

Scholars will develop or enhance their knowledge of self and community while engaging with other University of La Verne students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Beginning in Spring 2021.

Conference Attendance

Scholars in leadership positions will attend a conference for professional or community development, to enhance their transferrable skills, and network with their peers, faculty, and staff from other institutions. All scholars must provide a post conference report and take the skills they gained at the conference back to their respective organizations.

Summer Bridge Program

Scholars will participate in this program during the summer prior to their first semester at University of La Verne. Scholars will stay on campus, attend workshops that will prepare them for success at University of La Verne, and get accustomed to the campus, while bonding with their cohort. Beginning Summer 2021.

Black Women Retention Group

This group will serve as a retention program for students that self-identify as African American/Black Women. This organization will be established as a registered student organization with the Office of Student Life, and advised and administered through Black Student Services (in development).