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Alumnus Prioritizes Family and Future

Ray Guadron '19 graduation headshot

Banking professional and alumnus Ray Guadron’s online educational journey at the University of La Verne is a testament to his professional determination and strong family values.  

Ray Guadron ’19 began his educational journey with many interests. He attended community college after high school, graduated, then went to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Academy. In 2011, he pursued a degree in law enforcement. During this time, he also became a single father of two children, which is when his career priorities started to change with a greater focus on family.  

Though Guadron had to pause and reevaluate his educational pathway, he knew he’d discover his professional passion. A few years later, he found an opportunity to complete his bachelor’s degree in public administration at the University of La Verne. 

As a working parent, Guadron needed classes that were flexible and online. Happily, after he worked with the university’s transfer admissions team, he found that his interests and preferred online instruction style aligned with the university’s offerings. 

Once accepted and enrolled at the University of La Verne, he hit the ground running. He showed up to classes ready to learn and enjoyed meeting students online and learning their backgrounds. His specific experiences learning from Business Professor Rick Hasse added a deeper dimension to his academic journey.  Guadron described Hasse’s approach as professional and caring , and noted that it created a familial atmosphere that resonated with him. 

“There was an educational and personal aspect he shared that was geared towards learning for everyone,” Guadron said. “He saw me for who I was.” 

Navigating the challenges of online learning while juggling a full-time job and single parenthood was difficult. Even still, he felt supported as he practiced his time management abilities and networked with university members online. 

“Being able to work and go to school online really helped me, because I wanted to complete my education,” Guadron said. 

His hard work paid off, because Guadron walked across the stage and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in public administration in 2019. Lazer-focused on his next moves, he got his foot in the door at Bank of America.

“I was already aware of the sector, but it was then that I started to learn more about its corporate structure, stability, and the diverse opportunities it offers,” Guadron said. 

He knew he was interested in helping others and keeping momentum within his newly found career path, so he did something that he is very proud of – he decided to go back to the University of La Verne and finish a master’s in business administration. 

During the MBA for Experienced Professionals degree he is now enrolled in, he has been drawn by the in-depth online programming that accommodate his needs. He can find the time and flexibility to go to school and be with his now three children and partner.  

Guadron’s career path continues to blossom at Bank of America, where after four years, he has made professional strides. He aims to become a business banker. Reflecting on his transformative journey, Guadron underscored the university’s unique sense of community and family.  

“ULV became more than an academic institution; it became a second home,” Guadron said. 

He hopes all students take the time to make connections with professors, counselors, and future fellow alumni, as they helped shape him into a proud #LeoforLife.