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Media Highlights

Did Joe Biden or Donald Trump win your Inland Empire city?

The Press Enterprise | April 21, 2021

Marcia Godwin, a professor of public administration at the University of La Verne, said via email it’s “striking how much the Inland Valley areas — eastern Los Angeles County, western San Bernardino County, and western Riverside (County) — have become a sea of blue. Only the city of Norco remains deeply red.” Read More »

Now the tables are turned and students get to accept or reject colleges such as UCLA and USC

LA Times | April 19, 2021

As new COVID-19 cases decline and state restrictions on gatherings ease, Claremont McKenna College and the University of La Verne are two of the few campuses that have brought back limited in-person tours. Read More »

Monday Morning QB

WPFW News 89.3 | April 05, 2021

Roy Kwon, associate professor of sociology at the University of La Verne, discusses research on the uptick in mass shootings in America on "Monday Morning QB," a Washington, D.C.-based weekly news podcast. Read More »

Best Credit Cards: Ask The Experts

WalletHub | March 25, 2021

Q: What can we learn about the health of the economy from the terms offered by the market's best credit cards? A: The credit card offers you get to say more about your creditworthiness than anything else. When you start to become financially savvy and make smart financial decisions, you will receive more and more credit card offers with increasingly better terms. When this happens, you must continue to make financially sound decisions and use these offers to your advantage by eliminating high-interest debt and reaping the benefits of any promotional rates or rewards that might benefit you. Read More »

Best Cheap Car Insurance in California: Ask the Experts

WalletHub | March 16, 2021

Q: How do you think COVID-19 has affected consumer demand for car insurance? A: For people able to work from home during the pandemic, miles driven have fallen. Fewer miles mean lower car insurance premiums. People have received rebates and/or lower premiums when a new billing cycle started. Yet, for those who still needed to work in person, we have seen a large increase in the demand for used cars. In a pandemic, it is safer to drive yourself than to take the bus or train. For these individuals, they will need more insurance to cover "new" cars and more miles driven. Read More »

Miami Mayor: Tom Brady of Police Chiefs Gets Top Miami Job

US News & World Report | March 15, 2021

Acevedo, the Houston police chief who forged a national profile by calling for gun control, marching with protesters after George Floyd's death and criticizing President Donald Trump is taking the top job in the Miami Police Department, news outlets reported. “I think this is like getting the Tom Brady or the Michael Jordan of police chiefs,” Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told the Miami Herald. Read More »

Southern California Business Report & Guest Dr. Devorah Lieberman, President of ULV

Southern California Business Report (KMET 1490 AM) | March 09, 2021

Southern California Business Report with Daryl McCance and Yvette Walker interview special guest Dr. Devorah Lieberman, serving as President of the University of La Verne. Read More »

City of La Verne Awards Seven Local Projects and Businesses for Outstanding Achievement in Development

City of La Verne | March 03, 2021

The following projects were awarded 2021 La Verne Community Design Awards (LVCDA) with its corresponding categories: Historic Preservation & Adaptive Reuse, Institutional, and Public Art - The Ludwick Center at the University of La Verne - This Center was the second major project that the University of La Verne completed after its master plan was approved in 2017. It involved the repurposing of the well-known existing Brandt Hall residence and also included public art features, such as an intricately patterned bronze metal screen on its stairway. Read More »

University of La Verne receives $400,000 grant to boost diversity among teachers

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin | February 24, 2021

The college this month announced it will partner with the Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity, also known as BranchEd, for a three-year project. The grant will be awarded to the university’s LaFetra College of Education to revamp programming to be more inclusive of students of color and create pathways for them to teach in nearby communities. Read More »

When outside world gets chaotic, discussions pop up in classrooms

Atlanta Journal-Constitution | January 25, 2021

Kimberly White-Smith, dean of the education college at the University of La Verne in California, said no student is too young for a lesson about contemporary politics. Children see what’s happening and must be taught about the facts and must be equipped with skills to interpret and cope with them, said White-Smith, who is on the board of directors of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. Read More »