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The University of La Verne Goes Big at the Black College Expo

ULV LA Black College Expo Marquis

The air was thick with anticipation at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the early hours of Saturday, February 10. This would mark the 25th anniversary of the National College Resources Foundation’s Black College Expo—an event dedicated to supporting Black and brown students with accessing higher education and setting them on a path to career success.

As leaders of diversity and inclusion, the University of La Verne could not pass up the opportunity to participate. Amongst a sea of smaller black-and-red booths stood a titan of orange—the University of La Verne’s signature banner acted as a beacon in the middle of the convention center hall. In just a few short hours, approximately 25,000 students, family, and friends would flood the exposition room. By the end of the day, the University of La Verne would leave a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

The University of La Verne came with two objectives: admit qualified students excited at the opportunity to attend such a prestigious university, and spread the word that small schools can make a big impact, too.

With the help of a passionate admissions team, it should come as no surprise that this event yielded results above and beyond imagination. As a title sponsor, the University of La Verne gifted 25,000 attendees with tote bags that bore the university’s logo, as well as additional gifts like Croc shoe charms, pom-poms, lanyards, and foam finger “paws” for those who came through the university’s booth. University of La Verne President Pardis Madhavi made an appearance to meet with newly admitted students, while prospective students and their families engaged in conversations with coaches, current students, and admissions counselors to address every need and question tailored to their college experience.

“We were able to showcase the many wonderful opportunities available to students such as scholarships, internships, quality education,” said Liliana Hernandez, an admissions counselor who worked the event. “Seeing the smiles on a student’s face after telling them they were admitted and seeing the realization that they can obtain higher education is why having a presence at this event is crucial.”

The university’s charm, ease of access, and top-notch academics were more than enough to win over the many students and families in attendance. So, it is no wonder that by the end of the day the University of La Verne community accepted hundreds of eager Leopards into the leap, and pledged to provide over $3.7 million in scholarships.

The University of La Verne looks forward to participating in future events in partnership with the National College Resources Foundation. Students and their families can expect to find members from the university’s admissions team in Oakland on February 17, and in Atlanta on March 9, 2024.