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Celebration of Lifechanging Scholarships

More than 100 donors and students gathered at the university’s annual Scholarship Luncheon on May 9th to celebrate the profound impact of donor philanthropy on students and the broader community.

“Only through the deep generosity of our donor community can we offer  privately funded scholarships each year to deserving students who may not be able to attend college without this type of financial support,” said Sherri Mylott, vice president of advancement.

University of La Verne - Scholarship Lunch 2024 Event DiscussionThe event provided many students their first opportunity to meet the donors who made their scholarships possible. Undergraduate speaker Matthew Gonzalez, a first-year business administration major, expressed his gratitude for the Searing Family Scholarship, which covers his full tuition, room and board. Other students also shared their appreciation with their respective donors at the luncheon.University of La Verne - Scholarship Lunch 2024 Staff Photo

Alumnus Matthew Martin-Hall, who earned his bachelor’s degree in television broadcasting from the university in 2015, announced the establishment of  the new Carillo-Kulesh Storytellers Fund to support the university’s digital media degree program.

“La Verne gave me my belief in myself as a creator and competent marketer, especially during a time where I was struggling,” said Martin-Hall. “The funds can pay for the technology needed to create powerful content.”

The digital marketing consultant has worked for numerous nonprofits and on collaborative film and digital projects including a podcast  for the Freedom Writers Foundation, a non-profit organization created  to provide educators with tools to empower all students to succeed. He said the scholarship is named after the women that carry a legacy of his immigrant ancestry. 

“Scholarships contribute to building a better society by enabling talented students to realize their full potential,” said President Pardis Mahdavi. “As alumnus Matthew Martin-Hall illustrates, these students better themselves and their families, contribute to their fields, and improve the community, creating a ripple effect that can lead to a better world. Many ultimately engage in giving back themselves, like Matthew.”

The university honored the generosity of 35 donors at the luncheon, which was held on campus.