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Terrence E. DealLeadership Institute

The Terrence E. Deal Leadership Institute at the University of La Verne explores leadership as it relates to a variety of approaches and professional fields. Using a salon discussion setting, guests of the institute engage in conversation and the pursuit of knowledge and fellowship around the topic of leadership. From these riveting salon conversations, new perspectives and approaches to leadership are discovered, addressed, documented, and further pursued.

Salon culture began in 16th century Italy and during the European Enlightenment. Salons were traditionally founded on principles of egalitarianism and freedom of expression, playing a critical role in the development of a democratic, debate-driven public sphere in Europe. This essay, by The Public Sphere Salons founder and director Justine Kolata , explains in depth the history and modern renaissance of salon culture.

Using this model of discussion, the Terrence E. Deal Leadership Institute explores theories, practices, and approaches related to leadership in all facets of life and is made possible by a generous gift from Drs. Terrence “Terry” and Sandy Deal.