La Verne Portal account setup

For best user experience it is recommended to complete the following instructions on a desktop.

STEP 1: Setup email

This is necessary so that the system can email a temporary password to your personal email account. Please follow the instructions below to add or view your personal (PER) email account information. If you have already setup your personal email account, proceed to Step 2.

How to update your Personal Email

A. Click here and enter the following information.

User ID = Your eight-digit University of La Verne ID Number.
PIN = Enter your PIN.
NOTE: If you are having trouble logging in, contact the Office of the Registrar 909-448-4001 during normal business hours or the Unified Service Desk 909-448-4130 during normal business hours.

B. Click the link “Email Information

C. Click the link “Update your E-mail address(es)“.

D. Click ‘Type of E-mail to Insert: and select Personal Email Address‘ in the drop down menu and click ‘Submit

E. Enter your Personal E-mail address (Cannot be account) the “Comment;” box is optional.

F. Click ‘Submit

G. Your Personal E-mail should now be updated in the school’s system.

STEP 2: Setup Portal Account

In this step please click here to open the page where you will enter the following information and retrieve a temporary password from your Personal Email address on file.

        A. Enter your 8-digit User ID, Last name and your role (student, faculty, or staff).

8-digit User ID*: is your eight-digit University of La Verne identification number located on your ID card.
For assistance:
STUDENTS call the Registrar’s office at 909-448-4001 during normal business hours.
FACULTY/STAFF call the Office of Human Resources at 909-448-4076 during normal business hours.

B. A temporary password will be sent to the personal email account (ex. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail) you have registered in our school’s system.

STEP 3: Accessing your Portal Account

In this step you will be instructed on how to login to the Portal and set up your account.

                A. Log into the La Verne Portal by using the link below:

I. Enter your username and the temporary one-time use password provided in the email sent to your personal email account.

II. Create a new password and verify the new password. Click submit.  

III. Next enter your username and your new password.

Note: This step is added to link all your accounts with the updated password.

B. This will be your new login password.

List of applications that use this new password

1.Portal Password

2.La Verne Email

3.Wi-Fi password (CALEA)


5.Workstation computer (Staff/Faculty)

6.IRBManager (Staff)

7.Recruiter (Staff)

If you have your email setup on other devices you must change your password IMMEDIATELY or you can lock yourself out of your account. For additional Portal information click here