Mobile & Shuttle Application

The University of La Verne has just launched their Mobile App that inter operates with the Banner® student system!

It allows students to gain quick access to their Banner student information through a mobile device.  As well as keeping the entire campus community up to date through news,  images, social media, and so much more.

The Mobile App banner features include:

  • Mid Term Grades:  View midterm grades by semester
  • Final Grades:  View final grades by semester
  • Look Up Classes: View class schedules
  • Registration Status: View student status,  academic standing, and holds
  • Week At Glance: View class schedules by week.
  • Enrollment:  Add and drop classes
  • Account Holds:  View student account holds
  • Academic transcript: View Institutional or Transfer credits
  • Financial Aid:  View your financial aid summary by semester
  • Account Summary:  View your student account balance
  • Update: Emergency Contact information
  • Update: Address change

Extra Features

  • CampusGrub: Order from your favorite local restaurants and get a discount. For instructions click here
  • Directory: View faculty and staff contact information
  • News: Read articles from the Campus Times
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Maps: Get GPS location of buildings
  • Video: View The University of La Verne experience
  • Flickr Photos: View images of campus events.
  • Athletics: View Fall, Winter, and Spring sports scores, top stories, headlines, and information
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Radio: Listen live to LeoFM Radio

The University of La Verne has also integrated the shuttle app into the Mobile App. The system operates in real time to track the exact location of each shuttle.

How do I get the app?

How do I access the faculty, staff, and enrolled student features?

To access these features, tap on the ‘Login’ button and enter your university email ID (without and password used to log into your workstation or University Portal.