Faculty and Staff: Blackboard Account

Blackboard is a learning management system which allows faculty to develop and manage online or web assisted classes. This learning environment provides online assessment, discussion boards and course specific materials (i.e. syllabus, assignments) providing students and faculty with the tools necessary to complete an online class successfully.

For any new full-time or part-time faculty member who teaches at University of La Verne, a Blackboard account will be automatically generated at the beginning of the semester.

How to Access Blackboard

  • Web Address/URL: https://bb.laverne.edu
  • Username:  The username is the first portion of the La Verne email account. So if an email is jsmith@laverne.edu, then the username is jsmith.
  • Password: Use the forgot your password tool on the login page to reset/create a password.
  • How to change your Bb password video: https://www.screencast.com/t/NCzD15H8T

Note: Please use good password practices when you are creating your account.

Unified Service Desk
Phone: (909)448-4130
Email: help@laverne.edu