Faculty and Staff: Setting up Phone and Voicemail system

A phone, a direct dial number and an office extension will be provided to all faculty and staff.  Please follow the instructions below to initialize the voice-mail system.

To reset the name and password on a telephone previously used, please contact the Help Desk at x4130 and a new default password will be sent directly to your email address.

First Time User Voice Mail Setup

  1. Press the Messages Icon   on the right panel next to the key panel.
  2. A voice will prompt you to enter a password.
  3. Please enter the default password  Cisco (24726)
  4. A voice will prompt you to activate your account by recording your name in your voice.
  5. A voice will prompt you to activate your personal password.  Please choose a password and enter the numbers and register your information on the telephone.
  6. Once finished the system will confirm the registration and users can end the call.

Voice-mail Retrieval Using Outlook

Voice-mail will appear in the Outlook application and can be played on the computer using a wav.file

  • Once played on the computer, the red light on the receiver will disappear and the message will be automatically reclassified as saved
  • Outlook voice-mail files can be saved and forwarded.
  • Voice messages in wav.file format cannot be replied to by using the Outlook application

Voice-mail Retrieval Using the Messages Icon on the Telephone Unit

Voice-mail may be accessed by using the Message Icon

  1. Press the Message Icon
  2. Enter your personal PIN
  3. Press #

Voicemail Retrieval Using Remote Dial-In

  1. Dial 909-448-Your extension
  2. Listen for your voice greeting
  3. Once you hear the voice greeting, please press the * Button
  4. Enter your User ID (Your Extension)
  5. Enter your Password

Sample Greeting

“You have reached the mailbox of _____________. I’m not able to take your call right now, but if you leave your name, telephone number, and message after the tone, I will return your call as soon as I am available. Thank you for calling.”

You can record a Temporary Greeting to be played when you are out of the office or on vacation. The Temporary Greeting can be set to expire on a specific date (Month, Day, Time) through the Message system. Once the timed greeting has expired, the previously recorded greeting is again played.

University DID- Direct Dial Numbers:

The new Cisco IP phone system generates a Direct Dial number for all faculty and staff.  Please note the following area codes and prefixes that apply to each campus:

Bakersfield 661-861-XXXX (Your Extension)
Burbank 818-295-XXXX (Your Extension)
College of Law and Public Service 909-460-XXXX (Your Extension)
Irvine 714-505-XXXX (Your Extension)
La Verne 909-448-XXXX (Your Extension)
Naval Base Ventura County 805-986-XXXX (Your Extension)
Ontario 909-937-XXXX (Your Extension)
Santa Clarita
Vandenberg Space Force Base 805-734-XXXX (Your Extension)