Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Below are questions parents may ask about their children studying abroad via La Verne-affiliated programs:

What is “study abroad?” Study abroad is a program in which students take courses at a university campus in another country. Students take a full course of studies (12 – 15 units) as they would at La Verne. They receive La Verne credit for their course work.
You mean my child won’t be able to come home on weekends? No, but your child will be able to call you and send you messages by email.


When may my child Study Abroad? Students must at least be a sophomore when they begin a program. Transfer students–Sophomore and above–may qualify to study abroad after they complete one full semester.
What program would my child be studying through? Smaller universities like La Verne participate in consortia, or groups of universities. The consortia set up programs in other countries and La Verne participates on the programs. We are part of two programs: BCA Study Abroad and CIEE (Council for International Educational Exchange). We also regularly work with the Oxford Study Abroad Programme in England and the Semester at Sea.
Can you give me an example? Yes. The University of Barcelona is located in Barcelona, Spain. La Verne students can study at the University of Barcelona through the BCA Program. Your child studies at the University of Barcelona and receives credit through La Verne. BCA has a resident director at the university to help your student. The course work taken at University of Barcelona will be applied to your child’s La Verne transcript.
Why should I send my child away for a whole semester? The benefits are considerable: the opportunity to learn about another culture, improvement of foreign language skills, international work experience through academic internships, development of self-reliance, development of new intellectual pursuits, opportunities to travel, and… getting away from family (for a short time).
Can only certain majors study abroad? No, the programs are not major specific and are open to all fields of study. It is important though for students to plan ahead so that they can fit their study abroad into their particular program and major.
Does my child need to know a foreign language to study abroad? Several of the programs are English based. There are a few that do require language proficiency.
Is there a required minimum Grade Point Average (GPA)? Yes, the minimum GPA to study abroad with La Verne is 2.75.  Some programs require a higher GPA.
May financial aid be used for study abroad? Yes, almost all financial aid including loans, grants, and scholarships are applicable to La Verne-affiliated overseas studies programs. The two components of financial aid that do not apply are La Verne Institutional Loans and La Verne Work Study awards. At times, it is possible for your child to work with their work study supervisor to complete hours within one semester to ensure the gain of that money. Financial aid packages are reevaluated in consideration of the cost of a specific program, and can be adjusted.
How much does it cost? The costs are equal to the cost of La Verne undergraduate tuition plus room and board, living in the La Verne residence halls.  In addition, there is the cost of transportation to the study abroad site and any additional travel and gift purchases that your child might decide to do.
Will all the courses that my child takes transfer as La Verne credit? Yes, all courses at approved programs will transfer as La Verne credit and will count towards the residency requirement. To ensure this we ask that your child save all their work and syllabi as proof. Credit toward major or minor fulfillment depends upon departmental approval. It is important to work with the advisor in planning study abroad.
What are the overseas living arrangements? They vary among programs. Possible options include dormitories (with dining hall or cooking facilities), apartments, and home stays with host families or group homes.
A semester is a long time. Are there study abroad opportunities that are not as long? No, but selected La Verne faculty offer study tours abroad as part of some of their courses during January Interterm.
When is the application deadline? Fall Semester and Year-long Programs: April 1 (in some cases March 15); Spring Semester: October 15
How can I learn more about study abroad? Look at the University of La Verne’s Study Abroad website.  You will find links there to our affiliated programs.