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Study Tours

University of La Verne faculty offer study tours abroad of a week or more during January Interterm, Spring Break, and Summer. They teach part of the class on the Main Campus and part of it while in the featured country.  Detailed information about study tours can be obtained from the faculty teaching them.

University of La Verne faculty are planning the following study tours abroad during January 2019: Italy/Greece; Rome, Italy;  London, France, and Italy; South Africa; and Rome/Florence, Italy.  During Spring Break 2019, a trip is planned to Paris, France.

Contrasting Cultures: Italy and Greece

Acropolis, Greece
AcropolisAcropolis, Greece
  • Group Leader: Janat Yousof, Ph.D.
  • Group Password: 2076350HZ
  • Cities Visited: Florence, Rome, Pompeii, Olympia, Athens
  • Departure Date: January 14, 2019
  • Return Date: January 24, 2019
  • Enroll Now

This travel study will be offered as part of MGMT 358, and MGMT 451. Limited scholarships are available for short-term study programs for traditional age undergraduate students. For additional travel study information, contact Dr. Janat Yousof at (909) 448-4403.


  • 20 to 25 Students (subject to change)
  • $4,7551 valid until May 31, 2018 (includes $200 early enrollment discount). Additional $100 discount for repeat travelers.
  • Enrollment Deposit: Minimum $95
  • Rooming: Double occupancy only
  • Global Travel Protection (optional): $165
  • Payment plans available upon enrollment.


Day 1 Fly to Florence
Day 2 Florence
Day 3 Florence
Day 4 Florence
Day 5 Florence, Rome
Day 6 Rome
Day 7 Rome, Pompeii
Day 8 Athens, Delphi
Day 9 Delphia, Olympia
Day 10 Olympia, Argolida
Day 11 Argolida, Athens
Day 12 Athens
Day 13 Depart to USA

Rome: The Eternal City

Rome Colosseum
Rome ColosseumColosseum, Rome
  • Group Leader: Dr. Agnes Bertiz
  • Cities Visited: Rome, Florence, Venice
  • Departure Date: January 7, 2019
  • Return Date: January 18, 2019
  • Course: ART 375: Rome, the Eternal City: Art and Culture Through the Ages

In this travel course, students will explore the magnificent city of Rome, experiencing the rich artistic and architectural legacy of its millennial history. Through lectures, discussions, visits to museums, historical sites, and urban walks in Rome, students will gain an understanding of the city as a many-layered composite of ancient and modern, religious and secular. Plus excursions to Florence and Venice!

London, France, and Italy

LondonLondon, England
  • Group Leader: Dr. Gerard Lavatori
  • Tour Code: LFI912
  • Cities Visited: London, Paris, Nice, St Paul de Vence, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome
  • Departure Date: January 2019
  • For more information: Tour website
  • Enroll now


  • Multiple Room Rate: $3,687
  • Twin Room Rate: $3,974
  • Single Room Rate: $4,319

Multiple room rate is for travellers sharing one room with either triple or quadruple single bed formations. Twin/double room rate is for travellers sharing one room with two single beds or a double bed formation. Solo travellers who chose these options will be matched up into these room formations based on gender.

Rates do not include excess airline luggage fees, nor transport to/from USA airport.

Rates are based on no/little fluctuation in exchange rate between USD and Euros. Should the USD weaken significantly towards the Euro a correction in tour price would be done accordingly.

Minimum amount of travelers is 15 students.


Day 1 Fly to London
Day 2 London
Day 3 London
Day 4 Paris
Day 5 Paris
Day 6 Nice
Day 7 Nice or St Paul de Vence (optional)
Day 8 Monaco, Monte Carlo, Florence
Day 9 Florence
Day 10 Rome
Day 11 Rome
Day 12 Depart to USA

South Africa

  • Group Leader: Dr. Amber Bechard
  • Cities Visited: Johannesburg, Soweto, Cape Town, Pilanesburg National Park
  • Departure Date: January 10, 2019
  • Return Date: January 24, 2019
  • Course: EDUC 410/HONR 311: A Look Into History, Culture and Education in South Africa
  • For more information: Dr. Amber Bechard

In this travel course, students will examine the history, culture and education of South Africa. Being in Nelson Mandela’s former home-and the tiny cell where he spent 18 of his 28 years in prison-lends a powerful context to his fight for democracy and reconciliation. As participants explore and historical sites, visit museums, and engage with University of Wits and University of Johannesburg scholars and students, they will gain an appreciation for important social and political lessons of this diverse country. There may even be an opportunity to visit elementary schools and deliver mini-lessons to young children in a Soweto school. Plus, we are sure to see elephants, giraffes and the rest of the big five on our game drives in Pilanesburg National Park!


    Double Occupancy Only-$3,657 including airfare (based on 18 students). Price may be impacted by any drastic change in exchange rate.



Days 1-2 Fly to Johannesburg
Days 3-8 Johannesburg
Days 9-10 Pilanesburg National Park
Days 11-14 Cape Town
Day 14 Fly to Los Angeles

Rome and Florence: Art, Culture, and Society

  • Group Leader: Prof. Emeritus Ken Scambray
  • Chaperone: Carole Scambray
  • Cities Visited: Rome; Options but not all:   Ostia Antica, Pompeii, Orvieto, Frascati
    Florence:  Options but not all: Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, Venice, Milan
  • Departure Date: January 3, 2019
  • Return Date: January 22, 2019
  • Course: ENG 366
  • Cost: $3,280
  • For more information: Prof. Emeritus Ken Scambray

Daily Itinerary

Rome: January 4-13

REQUIRED CLASS ITINERARY:* Subject to Revision before Jan. 3, 2019



SISTINE CHAPEL                          Ceiling et. al.

SANTA MARIA DEL POPOLO       (Caravaggio works: Left of main altar)

SAN PIETRO IN VINCOLI             (Michelangelo’s Moses)

SAN CLEMENTE                           (Three levels: Ren., Medieval, & Roman)

SANTA MARIA DELLA VITTORIA (The Ecstasy of   St. Teresa)

SAN LUIGI DEI FRANCESI (Closed Thurs. Focus on Caravaggio works, left of altar)

SAN AGOSTINO                            Caravaggio: Madonna dei Pellegrini


SANT’ ANDREA DELLA VALLE   (Focus on main altar. Artist: Mattia Preti)


CAPITOLINE MUSEUM                 The Dying Gaul, Marcus Aurelius, Venus

MUSEO BORGHESE:                     Focus: Bernini marbles & Caravaggio Room

GALLERIA DORIA PAMPHILJ       (Caravaggio: Rest During the Flight to Egypt, Mary Magdalen: Velasquez: Portrait of Innocent X)

VATICAN MUSEUM                      Egyptian and Assyrian Greek and Roman art

PALAZZO BARBARINI                  Caravaggio, Judith Beheading Holofernes,

 Narcissus, Raphael, Fornarina

Rome: Final exam: January 12

FLORENCE: January 13-21

REQUIRED CLASS ITINERARY: Subject to revision before Jan. 3, 2019


Santa Maria Novella

Santa Croce

MEDICI TOMBS (Behind San Lorenzo)

Santo Spirito





Bargello:  Museo Nationale




Museo dell’ Opera di Duomo

Galileo Galilei Museum

Florence:  Final Exam January 20

Gastronomy Marketing: Paris France (Spring Break Travel)

In this travel study, students will explore the magnificent city of Paris, with day trips to Versailles and Reims (Champagne). We will discover the rich history and architecture of Paris and learn about French gastronomy and its marketing.

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