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Semester and Year-Long Programs

Barcelona, Spain

BCA Abroad

The University of La Verne is closely affiliated with BCA Study Abroad. The following locations are available:

Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

CIEE has many programs with different opportunities and requirements, often multiple programs in the same country and city, as the list below suggests. Some do not include meals in the program fees.

  • Argentina (Buenos Aires)
  • Australia:
    • Perth
    • Wollongong
  • Belgium (Brussels)
  • Botswana (Gaborone)
  • Brazil:
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • São Paulo
  • Chile:
    • Santiago
    • Valparaiso
  • China:
    • Beijing
    • Nanjing
    • Shanghai
  • Costa Rica (Monteverde)
  • Cuba (Havana)
  • Czech Republic (Prague)
  • Dominican Republic:
    • Santiago
    • Santo Domingo
  • England (London)
  • France:
    • Paris
    • Rennes
    • Toulouse
  • Germany (Berlin)
  • Ghana (Legon)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • India (Hyderabad)
  • Ireland (Dublin)
  • Israel (Haifa)
  • Italy (Ferrara)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • Jordan (Amman)
  • Mexico (Guanajuato)
  • Morocco (Rabat)
  • The Netherlands:
    • Amsterdam
    • Groningen
  • Northern Ireland (Belfast)
  • Peru (Lima)
  • Poland (Warsaw)
  • Portugal (Lisbon)
  • Russia:
    • Moscow
    • St. Petersburg
  • Senegal (Dakar)
  • South Africa (Cape Town)
  • South Korea (Seoul)
  • Spain:
    • Alcala
    • Alicante
    • Barcelona
    • Madrid
    • Palma de Mallorca
    • Seville
  • Sweden (Uppsala)
  • Taiwan (Taipei)
  • Tanzania (Iringa)
  • Thailand (Khon Kaen)
  • Turkey (Istanbul)
  • United Arab Emirates (Sharjah)

Accès Study Abroad

This French language program in Strasbourg, France provides home stays and small class settings in the borderland of France and Germany.

Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP)

Although this program allows students to study in Oxford, England, it is not a study abroad through Oxford University.

Semester at Sea (SAS)

Students primarily study at sea by traveling to a number of ports on an itinerary that is different in the fall and spring semesters. Students must pay a tuition surcharge to participate in the Semester at Sea.

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