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FLEXLearning Communities

The First-year Learning Communities enhances your educational experiences among a community of scholars.

First-year Learning Communities—FLEX for short—are your introduction to The La Verne Experience.  Over 20 FLEX Learning Communities place incoming freshmen with similar interests into the same set of two classes designed to lay the foundation for success in and outside the classroom. FLEX’s unique educational opportunities help students engage with faculty and classmates in linked classes—two distinct disciplines and a smaller writing class. As students study each subject in depth, they also touch on common themes in a coherent educational experience.

Foundational to The La Verne Experience, each FLEX Learning Community links two classes which include select coordinated activities that encourage you to interact closely with classmates and faculty in active learning outside the classroom. A series of co-curricular activities are designed to supplement what you are learning in your classes.

Part of each FLEX Learning Community’s goal is to introduce students to the core values that have guided La Verne’s mission since 1891:  A Values Orientation, Community and Diversity, Life-Long Learning, and Community Service.  The One Book, One University shared freshman reading program contributes to this goal.

It’s easy to select your top three FLEX Learning Communities:

  • Explore FLEX Options by Major (URL link to the left of this website).
  • Review the Master FLEX List for times, dates, and instructors (URL link to the left of this website).
  • Review the Recommended Fourth Class by Major (URL link to the left of this website).
  • Select and submit your top three choices when you register for SOAR.
  • Attend SOAR and select your 3rd and 4th courses.

Simplify your registration and maximize your educational value.

Individual FLEX courses will grant subject credit in General Education breadth requirements as well as Writing, and in some cases you can even earn major credit. The FLEX Learning Community courses must be taken together for a total of 8-10 semester hours (in some cases a bit fewer). Although you may select any FLEX for registration, we expect you to select one that corresponds with the major you are considering.  Our advising staff will preregister you in a FLEX based on your chosen major.

At SOAR, you will be asked to complete your registration by selecting a fourth course (usually math, based on placement, a major requirement, or an elective). It’s that simple.

Learn. Engage. Explore. Discover.

Initiate your La Verne Experience by clicking on “FLEX Offerings” (left-side menu) to explore the specific major you have chosen or are considering. Each major has suggested one or several FLEX Learning Community that put you on path towards graduation in four years. Be prepared to attend one of our SOAR sessions where you will complete your registration.