Campus Labs, Engage!

At the University of La Verne, we have an engagement platform called, Campus Labs Engage. In Campus Labs, Engage you will be able to find events and organizations to join. You can access Campus Labs,Engage with signing in with your La Verne email address and password. Get started with Campus Labs Engage today!

All events for New Student Orientation will be housed in the private Orientation group under Campus Labs Engage using your La Verne email address. When setting up your Campus Labs Engage account, please use your La Verne email address. Avoid using a Gmail account, high school email address, or previous institution email address(es).

Click here to get started in creating your Campus Labs Engage account. Alternatively, you will find a link in the La Verne Portal site under QuickLinks.

There are two options to gain access to viewing all the Orientation events.

  1. You received an invitation notification through your La Verne email to join our Orientation group.
  2. You create your account and go to the Orientation group page “2021 New Student Orientation” and request to join. Click here to request to join.

Once, you have created your account and gain access to the private 2021 New Student Orientation group, please RSVP to all orientation events. (All events will be available on July 19.) This summer we have some summer opportunities for you to meet other peers and current students.

Check out the video below to learn more on how to navigate through this platform.

If you have any questions, please contact us at