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Fall Course Offerings

Things to keep in mind as you review FLEX options:

  • ALL FRESHMEN: Review the PDF “Master FLEX List” on this page.
  • Undeclared Majors: Explore major requirements below.  Your top choices should reflect FLEXs that might lead to a major, knowing the other courses in the FLEX will earn credit toward the degree.
  • Declared Majors: Explore your major requirements.  Your top choices should reflect at least one course in your major, knowing the other courses in the FLEX will also earn credit toward the degree.
  • Submit your top three FLEX options when you register for SOAR.
  • Our staff will pre-register you in a FLEX based on your chosen major.  You will finish fall registration at SOAR.

You must meet all prerequisites in your chosen FLEX. (See MyLaVerne Class Schedule for prerequisites).

  • Placement into a chosen FLEX is not guaranteed but will be determined by your chosen SOAR date, major, and spaces.

Fall 2019 Recommendations

Specific dates and times (which will be updated from time to time) can be viewed by downloading the Master FLEX List on this page.

Explore major requirements as you consider FLEX Learning Communities.

Behavioral Sciences Business & Public Management
Anthropology, BS Accounting, BS
Criminology, BS Business Administration, BS
Sociology, BS Economics, BS
Psychology, BS International Business and Language, BS
Computer Science
Communications Computer Science/Eng., BS
Broadcasting, BA E-Commerce, BS
Communications, BA
Journalism, BA  Fine Arts
Studio Art, BA
Education Art History, BA
Child Development, BS Music, BA
Educational Studies, BA Photography, BA
Theatre, BA
English, BA Kinesiology
French, BA Kinesiology Health & Human Performance, BS
Liberal Arts, BA Kinesiology Phys Ed. Teacher Ed, BS
Spanish, BA
Philosophy, BA Social Sciences
Religion, BA History, BA
Religion/Philosophy, BA International Studies, BA
Creative Writing, BA Legal Studies, BS
Political Science, BA
Natural Sciences Social Science, BA
Biology, BS Speech Communications, BA
Chemistry Advanced & General Studies

*Requires Selection of Concentration