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What is the La Verne Experience?

The “La Verne Experience” reproduces what we have done for generations—intuitively known and understood by faculty, staff, students, and alumni—close faculty-student relationship in small classes.

The La Verne Experience is not FLEX Learning Communities.  Rather, FLEX is simply the initial La Verne Experience introducing first-year students to the University of La Verne. It is a work in progress as we re-imagine liberal arts education with cutting-edge pedagogies, backed by best practices.  Current students are subject to the requirements of the catalog of their Freshman Year.

FLEX participation does not endanger 4-year academic and graduation plans.  We encourage all freshmen to design 4-year academic plans in consultation with their academic advisors.

Senior capstone projects will continue AS A VALUABLE ASPECT OF THE LA VERNE EXPERIENCE; adjustments to the degree are determined by faculty within each department.

In Context

Article Author Description
The La Verne Experience: A Common Core for Undergraduate and Graduate Students President Devorah Lieberman At the University of La Verne, we want to give our students more than “fond” memories. We want to ensure that all receive a high-quality education and are well prepared to meet the needs of twenty-first-century employers. Yet, variables such as campus geography and student demographics can present challenges to meeting these goals.
Going Beyond the Requirement: The Capstone Experience Peggy Redman
Former Director,
La Verne Experience
For many years, University of La Verne students have completed capstone projects that build on their primary academic focuses developed in their junior and senior years and allow for greater understanding and clarity about their intended professional focus post-graduation. Today, the University of La Verne is working to take capstone courses to the next level, preparing students earlier than ever before to begin thinking strategically about their areas of study, their professions, and the values they would embody long after graduation.