LVGE Transfer Credit Review Form

The form below is meant to be completed by students who were admitted to the University for the Fall 2015 term and after who are currently following the LVGE Pattern at the University of La Verne. Once you have completed and submitted the form you will receive an automatic email confirming your submission.  Requests are reviewed within our given time frame of  7-10 business days.

Please keep in mind that at least 44 semester hours must be completed at the University of La Verne in order to meet the University’s residency requirement.  The 44 semester hour residency requirement is applicable to students with a catalog year of Fall 2013 and later. Students with catalog years prior to Fall 2013 should refer to their Degree/Program Evaluation for their residency requirement, or contact your academic advisor for more information.

Please note that any transfer work completed after matriculation and beyond the 88 semester hour limit will be considered for subject area fulfillment, but will not transfer with unit value (the particular course will be fulfilled by a 0-unit course marker). Students are responsible for knowing when they have reached their 88 semester hour cap on transfer units.

LVGE Transfer Credit Review

An course/exam approval will be valid for the semester it was requested in the Year and Term Taken/Will Take section of the GE Transfer Credit Review form. If the student does not take the course/exam during the semester or term requested, he/she will need to submit a new request form.