Appeal to Increase the Student’s Cost of Attendance

Students with exceptional educationally related expenses may appeal to increase their cost of attendance (COA).  Increasing your cost of attendance may increase student or parent eligibility for federal or private loans or allow outside resources to be received without reducing existing financial aid awards.

Please note, an increase to the COA does not result in additional institutional grant or scholarship aid to cover the expense.

Common Scenarios that may Qualify a Student for an Increased Cost of Attendance

  • Child care expenses
  • Significant medical/dental expenses paid by the student during the academic year
  • Special course expenses/ fees
  • Educationally related computer or equipment expenses
  • Disability expense
  • Study abroad program travel expenses

    How to Appeal

    You may appeal by doing the following:

    1. Contact the financial aid office via phone, email, or in person to request a phone or in person meeting with a Financial Aid Counselor.
    2. In this meeting please be prepared to describe your situation in detail and provide supporting documentation (see below).
    3. As each case is unique, the financial aid counselor will guide you through the process, including any additional documentation.

    Documentation Required

  • Provide a signed statement detailing your situation in detail
  • Submit documentation of expenses (e.g. Special course expenses, Disability expenses, One-time computer purchase, Study abroad travel expenses, etc.)