Satisfactory Academic Progress

The federal government requires universities to develop and enforce an internal system to monitor the academic progress of financial aid recipients. A student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress  (SAP) in order to remain eligible for all federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. The academic progress of financial aid applicants and recipients is reviewed upon initial application and then annually, following spring term/semester each year.

Students who fail to meet SAP are notified via their official email address, and are given the opportunity to appeal their disqualification.

SAP Standards

The University of La Verne’s SAP policy contains three components students must meet to maintain eligibility for Financial Aid:

1. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA)

Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum 2.00 La Verne GPA.

Graduate and doctoral students must maintain a minimum 3.00 La Verne GPA.

Law School (JD) students must maintain a minimum 2.00 La Verne GPA.

2. Unit Completion Rate

Students must complete with a passing grade at least 67% of the units attempted each academic year. All courses a student is enrolled in beyond the add/drop period will be counted as units attempted, including, withdrawals, no credit, and incomplete courses.

3. Maximum Time Frame

Students must complete their educational program within 150% of the minimum number of units required to complete their degree. All terms of enrollment (including summer and January terms) will count toward the maximum time frame as well as any transfer credits, including enrollment in terms/semesters in which no financial aid is received.

Undergraduate – 192 Semester Hours

Graduate – Varies by Program (see program specific requirements)

Law School (JD) – 132 Semester Hours Paralegal Certificate – 48 Semester Hours

Financial Aid Disqualification

Students who fail to meet any of the above minimum standards of the Financial Aid SAP Policy are no longer eligible to receive financial aid at the University of La Verne. Student’s may appeal their disqualification, see the Appeal Process section, below.

Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility

Students who have lost eligibility for financial aid due to not meeting the University’s satisfactory academic progress standards can be reinstated by successfully completing sufficient semester hours to again meet all university SAP standards. SAP is evaluated for all students at the end of spring semester/term. If a student believes they have regained eligibility prior to the posting of spring grades, the student should contact the Financial Aid Office to be considered for reinstatement.

Appeal Process

If extenuating circumstances apply, students who are not meeting SAP may appeal their disqualification. To appeal, the student must submit a Financial Aid Academic Progress Appeal Form to the Financial Aid Office. The appeal will be evaluated and the student will be notified of the decision within 10 days of submitting the request.

If a student’s SAP appeal is approved, they will be placed on financial aid probation during the next semester/term. The student’s progress will be reviewed once grades for the following semester/term are posted. To continue receiving financial aid the student must be following and making positive progress on their specific academic plan for improvement. Student’s remaining on financial aid probation will have their grades reviewed at the end of each term until they are again meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Academic Disqualification

Students who are academically disqualified from the University are no longer eligible to receive financial aid at the University of La Verne. A student who is academically reinstated to the university will need to submit an SAP appeal to be considered for financial aid reinstatement.