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How to Apply

Applying for Financial Aid

Financial aid is money awarded to students to help pay for a college education and comes in the form of federal, institutional, and state grants, loans and work-study.

There are two types of assistance a student may be awarded:

  • Gift Aid: money the student does not have to pay back (grants and scholarships); and
  • Self-Help Aid: money the student will need to repay (loans) or earns by working on campus (work-study).

Step One: FAFSA

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) starting October 1. The fastest and most efficient way to complete the FAFSA is online.

Financial Aid Renewal for Returning Students

Although some financial aid funds are renewable, students must reapply for financial aid annually. Renewable financial aid is conditionally based on a student’s ability to maintain academic and financial aid eligibility.

FAFSA Results

After a student’s FAFSA has been processed, they will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). This summarizes information on the student’s FAFSA and indicates the student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which the school uses to help determine a student’s aid eligibility.

The Office of Financial Aid will download FAFSA results as long as the student has listed University of La Verne on the FAFSA or SAR (School code 001216) and has been officially admitted into a degree or certificate program at La Verne.

Step Two: Submit the Grade Point Average Verification Form

Non-California residents may skip this step.

The university strongly encourages all California residents to apply for a Cal Grant. To apply, a student must submit a GPA Verification to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) by March 2. “California resident” is defined here. The following grades are included in the GPA calculations for Cal Grants:

  • High School Seniors. All grades from sophomore and junior years, including summer school grades earned following sophomore and junior years, with a few exceptions listed here.
  • High School Graduates. All grades from sophomore, junior and senior years of high school, including summer sessions. PE, ROTC, and remedial courses are excluded.
  • Transfer Students. For a student who is not enrolled in high school and who has completed fewer than 24 college semester units, 36 quarter units, or the equivalent, all grades are included from sophomore, junior and senior years of high school — except for PE, ROTC, and remedial courses. If such a student has taken at least 16 semester units, the California Community College GPA will be used, but only for the Cal Grant B Competitive award.For transfer students not enrolled in high school and who have completed at least 24 college semester units, 36 quarter units or the equivalent, all college grades received by the date the college certifies the student’s GPA will be used.
  • Continuing La Verne Students. The Registrar automatically submits GPA information to CSAC for continuing La Verne students with 24 or more units completed or transferred to La Verne. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year by March 2.

Step Three: Submit any Requested Documents to the Office of Financial Aid

Failure to turn all requested documents into the Office of Financial Aid by the deadline specified in the request may result in the loss of financial aid for which the student may otherwise have been eligible.

A student may be selected for verification. This means the student has been selected by the Federal processor to provide specific documents verifying income information or other supporting documents. If so, the student will be notified on their SAR, and can view all required documents in MyLaVerne, the student portal.

Additional documentation (such as selective service or citizenship documents) may be requested to complete a student’s file. The student’s file is not complete until all required documents, properly filled out, have been received by the Office of Financial Aid.

Step Four: Obtain official admission to the university

An applicant may complete the FAFSA and GPA Verification before he or she is officially admitted to La Verne. However, financial aid will not be awarded until the student is officially admitted.