Financial Aid Forms

Do not submit any form(s) listed below unless requested by the Office of Financial Aid. If you aren’t sure what form(s) to submit, please refer to your My La Verne account to determine what documents are needed.

Click the correct form you need, then fill out the necessary fields.

Submitting Documents to Financial Aid

Secure Online Upload

  1. Log in to the La Verne Portal
  2. Click on “Main Menu”
  3. Click on “Upload!” to upload documents
  4. Browse and choose the document you want to upload
  5. Save the file

Your documents are securely saved for the Office of Financial Aid to review. You will be notified if additional information is needed.


Description 2022-23 2023-24
Verification Worksheet (PDF): University of La Verne must compare your FAFSA with the information on this worksheet and other required documents before awarding Federal Student Aid. Download Download
Verification of Financial Information (PDF): Any additional financial information reporting worksheet. Download Download
Asset and Investment Supplement (PDF): You are required to fill out this form because you indicated you, your spouse (independent students) and/or your parents (dependent students) have assets or investments. Download Download
High School Completion Verification (PDF): You are required to complete this form because the Department of Education requires University of La Verne to confirm this information to complete your application for financial aid.
Fresh Start Initiative (PDF) Download Download
Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (PDF): This form is to verify (in person) student identity. Download Download
Verification of Non-Filing (PDF): This form is used by individuals who did not file a federal tax return. If requested please review this document and provide the additional documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. Download Download

Additional Forms

Cal Grant B Access Refund Request Form Student Accounts Authorization form for the Cal Grant B award. PDF
Unit Requirement Chart This form shows the required minimum and maximum units for financial aid. PDF
Discharge Resolution This form is used to provide additional documentation for federally discharged loans. If requested please review and provide the additional documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. PDF
Private Loan Counseling The University Of La Verne Office Of Financial Aid requires that all Private Student Loan borrowers complete a Private Student Loan Counseling prior to the certification and disbursement of a Private Student Loan. PDF
Affidavit of Intent to Legalize Immigration Status As a condition of the AB540 and AB131 laws, a student without lawful immigration status who may be eligible for an Entitlement Cal Grant is required to complete this affidavit affirming he/she will or have filed an application to legalize his/her immigration status. PDF
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal If you have not maintained appropriate academic progress as outlined by the University and feel you have extenuating circumstances that led to your disqualification, you may appeal the decision by completing this form. PDF
Transfer Entitlement Verification This form is completed by students selected by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) for the E2 Transfer Entitlement Cal Grant to confirm eligibility. PDF