Private Scholarships (Outside)

Private scholarships are scholarships offered by agencies other than the University of La Verne. In addition to federal aid and institutional scholarships, private scholarships allow students to maximize their potential for financial assistance while attending college. La Verne encourages students to explore all avenues of financial assistance as they plan for and attend college.

The University of La Verne does not guarantee the legitimacy of the scholarship search engines below or other scholarship websites and it is the responsibility of the students to use their best judgment and exercise caution when applying for any private scholarships. We strongly recommend you do not use any fee-based services for advanced searches as there are enough quality databases available at no cost.

Below are several free scholarship search engines we recommend:

Any private (outside) funding you received must be taken into account when your eligibility is determined for need-based financial aid. If you have been offered funding from a source outside the university, you must submit copies of the notification letter to the University of La Verne, Office of Financial Aid. Students can contact our office to discuss how outside entitlement awards might impact their financial aid package.