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Emergency Loan Program

The University of La Verne has established an emergency loan program to assist our students with unforeseen financial circumstances which might impact their studies at La Verne.

To qualify for an emergency loan a student must:

  • be officially admitted in a program of study at the University of La Verne;
  • be currently registered for an eligible financial aid period; emergency loans cannot be processed earlier than 2 weeks before the start of a qualifying period of enrollment;
  • not have  received an emergency loan for the current period of enrollment;
  •  not have an outstanding emergency loan;
  •  not have an accounting hold or back balance;
  • be maintaining satisfactory academic progress; and
  • demonstrate an ability to repay the emergency loan on or before the due date.

Types of Emergency Loans

The Emergency Loan Program (ELP) can be used for unexpected emergencies up to $150. If the completed application/promissory note is received by a representative of the Office of Financial Aid by 12:00 noon on a regular business day every attempt will be made to process the request and make the funds available the same day. This emergency loan must be repaid within 30 days.

The Student Emergency Loan Fund (S.E.L.F.) is student funded and is to be used for emergency educational expenses not exceeding $500. Upon receipt of the completed application/promissory note, and approval from the Office of Financial Aid a check can be available for the student to pick up within 5 to 7  business days. The full amount of the loan must be paid within 90 days.

Important Additional Information

If an emergency loan is not re-paid within the appropriate timeframe, a hold will be placed on the student’s account, a late fee will be assessed, and interest will be charged according to the terms of the promissory note.

How to apply

Come to the Office of Financial Aid in Woody Hall and meet with a Financial Aid representative. The representative will review all of your financial aid to help you choose the best option for your unique circumstance. If coming in is not a viable option you can start the process by calling the Office of Financial Aid at (800) 649-0160.