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Request to increase the Student’s Cost of Attendance

Reasons/Scenarios that warrant this type of Appeals

  • Add child care expenses for the student’s child to the Cost of Attendance
  • Add medical/dental expenses paid by student during the academic year to the Cost of Attendance
  • Add special course expenses such as for film course
  • Add expenses due to student’s disability

    Documentation Required

  • Complete the Cost of Attendance Appeals Form.
    Request to increase the student’s cost of attendance (COA) due to:
  • Special course expenses
  • Disability expenses
  • One-time computer purchase
  • Study abroad travel expenses
  • Loss of financial aid you previously received due to federal or state regulatory changes. Important Notice: ULCV appeal decisions due to loss of federal or state financial aid will not be made until early August.

    NOTE: Approval of an increase to the student cost of attendance (COA) may increase student or parent eligibility for federal or private loans or allow outside resources to be received without reducing existing financial aid awards. An increase to the COA will not result in additional institutional grant or scholarship aid to cover the expense.