Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

DocuSign for Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the University*

We adopted DocuSign to streamline the process of collecting signatures from academic advisors and Woody Hall offices for either a leave of absence (LOA) or withdrawal from the university. Woody Hall offices include the University Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, and Student Accounts.

Graduate or ROC students should consult with their respective program directors or regional campuses before moving forward with the process.


The student will need to have an active email, but you do not need a DocuSign account.

The Office of Graduate Academic Services will initiate the process by accepting your notification (intent) to file a LOA or withdrawal (read the section(s) below that apply to you). To initiate the process, select one of the following options:

  • Email us at gas@laverne.edu, or
  • Call us at (909) 448-4011, or
  • Visit us in the Woody Hall Building.

Staff will speak with you, the student, about your decision to withdraw or take a leave of absence. After consultation, staff will email you a DocuSign-generated email. When you receive the email, follow the “student instructions” and complete the marked portions and digitally sign the form. Your digital signature initiates the process of collecting all the Woody Hall office signatures one office at a time, including your academic advisor or dean. You will get a copy of the completed form with all the signatures. Advising staff will record the LOA or withdrawal on the student record.

Leave of Absence from the University

A graduate student in good academic standing may request a leave of absence (LOA) from their program for military service, personal, medical, or financial reasons. If a semester or session is in session, there is no need to file an LOA if a student intends to resume his or her studies the following semester or session.

Graduate students should initiate the process with their respective Program Director. If the LOA is approved, the student should then obtain signatures from their academic advisor or designated academic dean, Offices of the Registrar, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid.

The time limitation for graduate students to complete their degree shall be extended by the duration of the approved leave of absence. A LOA does not defer a student’s loan obligations. Graduate students who have been granted a LOA may be absent for up to four semesters or eight sessions (depending on whether program is semester or session based) without reapplying for admission. Some programs have more restrictive policies regarding the duration of a LOA and students in those programs should consult with the Program Director prior to taking a leave. Leaves of Absence for military deployment have no time limit and students may return at any time.

A LOA becomes effective prior to the start of a semester or session. Students on a leave of absence may not receive any services from the university including, but not limited to, library access or dissertation/thesis mentoring.

Students are required to keep the University informed about plans to return. Otherwise, they will be considered withdrawn after the approved time has expired, except in cases related to military training or deployment.

See the DocuSign* section to initiate the intent to file a leave of absence.

Withdrawal from the University

A graduate student who wishes to withdraw from the University permanently must file an intent to withdraw. See the DocuSign* section above to initiate the intent to withdraw.

Graduate or ROC students should consult with their respective program directors or regional campuses before moving forward with the withdraw process.

Withdrawing or Dropping Courses (All LOA and Withdrawn Students)

If you fail to officially drop/withdraw from classes (and abandon your courses) you risk receiving failing grades. La Verne does not automatically drop you from courses you are not attending. The effective date of withdrawal is the date you officially withdrew from all courses or the final day of the semester. If you abandon your courses and do not formally withdraw, you are subject to administrative termination of your “active student” status after two consecutive semesters and will be required to reapply for admission.

Students who withdraw from courses or withdraw from the university, must vacate university housing.

Clearing All Holds (All LOA and Withdrawn Students)

If you leave the University on a LOA or permanently through withdrawal, you should ensure that all financial balances are cleared, all library books are returned, and all holds are removed. Failure to clear your account of all these items may result in restrictions to some academic records or the right to registration in courses in future academic terms. Also, if you fail to clear financial balances, you may be subject to collection proceedings.

Financial Aid Recipients (All LOA and Withdrawn Students)

Avoid delays in finalizing your LOA or withdrawal. The Office of Financial Aid will not sign the LOA/withdrawal document until you have completed your financial aid exit counseling online.

If you received (accepted) any federal loans, you must complete financial aid exit counseling. Visit the exit counseling website (https://studentaid.gov/exit-counseling/) to complete the process.

Make sure you select the current loan/academic year for exit counseling to avoid further delays. Also, it takes up to 72-hours for proof of completion to transfer from the StudentAid servers to the ULV Financial Aid records. If you have urgency to complete the LOA or withdrawal process, send proof of completion (screenshot or attached document) to finaid@laverne.edu.